Using ancient techniques from advanced civilizations and third eye vision, Charisse Landise tunes in to your energy field on a theta wavelength and looks at your chakras, which are roadmaps to your soul. With expanded vision, she explains where you are currently on your path and what you will need to do next if you choose to fulfill your life’s mission. Your soul talks to you, it communicates through yearnings and natural talents. As you receive your reading you will feel lighter, there is always a solution to a problem.


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Clairvoyant Chakra Reading:

Who are you and why are you here? Learn the specific reasons you’re in this lifetime. 1 session: 1  hr.  $125.  3 sessions: 1 hr. ea. $325.

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Animal Telepathy:

Learn what your animal is trying hard to tell you everyday.   1 session: 1 hr. $125.  3 sessions: 1 hr. ea. $325.

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Psychic Dream Analysis: 
Decipher a dream to use the valuable information in your waking state.  1 session: 1  hr.  $125. or 3 sessions: 1 hr. ea. $325.

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Spiritual Midwifery:
Become the person you always wanted to be by giving your soul precisely what it needs.  1 session: 1  hr.  $125. or 3 sessions: 1 hr. ea. $325.

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Learn Telepathic Meditation:
Become a better listener by following the messages that come from within.  1 session: 1  hr.  $125. or 3 sessions: 1 hr. ea. $325.

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Train to become a Psychic Healer:
Create miracles in your own life and then help others with the same miracle energy.   1 session: 1  hr.  $125. or 3 sessions: 1 hr. ea. $325.

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Psychic Healing for Transitions:
Comfort your heart and soul with invisible medicine especially for this passage. 1 session: 1 hr. $125.  3 sessions: 1 hr. ea. $325.

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Herbal Consultation:
Discover expert and alternative ways to heal yourself, including the Eastern way.   1 session: 1 hr. $125.  3 sessions: 1 hr. ea. $325.

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Charisse Landise is a 4th generation psychic clairvoyant with two decades of professional healing experience behind her. Her work is a mix of Eastern Healing techniques and the teachings of the Psychic Institutes of North America, as well as being influenced by Chinese Medicine and Jungian Psychology. Though her psychic abilities first appeared as a child, she has trained for over three decades.  Landise reads the chakras and the subtle energy field around the body.
Since all things are connected, the relationship you have with your life is visible within your aura. Honoring the intelligent nature of the body’s eco-system, she heals emotional and spiritual imbalances, while allowing her clients to self-repair. When Landise observes her clients, using her third-eye vision, they begin to see themselves more clearly. They discover hidden talents and solutions to their problems. They begin to live more authentically. The crux of Landise’s work is helping people to become happier and healthier.




“I’ve been working with Charisse for ten years and feel a tremendous sense of well-being after each session.”
—Pamela Anderson, Actress, Producer, PETA Activist

“After Charisse’s sessions I see things in new and different ways.  She helps me deepen my own inner sense of knowing.”
—Madisyn Taylor, Author, ‘Daily Om’  

 “One of the nicest healing experiences I have ever had was with Charisse.”
—Loudon Wainwright III, Grammy-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter. 

“Charisse’s intuitive healing sessions are good medicine for restoring the mind-body-spirit connection.”
  — Patricia Freebery, Psychotherapist MA, LMFT

“Charisse is a powerful force in my life. She is a steady beacon of light. My life has never been happier. I feel empowered and awakened in the time I spend working with her.”
—Devin Crane, DreamWorks Visual Development Artist, ‘Monsters Vs. Aliens,’ ‘Megamind,’ ‘Kungfu Panda,’ 

“After a show, my bandmate asked me, ‘Joe, I’ve never heard you play so well, what’d you do?’ My reply was,  ‘Just had a healing with Charisse and I’ve never felt better!’”
—Joe Stefko, Book Publisher/Professional Drummer 


starGraduated from Ohashi Institute in Eastern Healing. Three decades of apprenticeship with Master Guo, 7th Generation Chinese Herbalist. Advanced Psychic Training at Southern California Psychic Institute and InVision School of Psychic Abilities. Certified in Hospice from The Twilight Brigade, Dannion Brinkley. Certified with Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals. A decade of Jungian Dream Analysis with Carl Greer, PhD. Ten years of studying Eastern Herbalism from Chicago School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as five years of studying Western Herbalism and Sacred Magical Traditions from Chicago Center for Psychophysical Healing. Paranormal Training with Sonia Choquette. Ordained Minister from Universal Life Church.