When we peer through our eyes, as the lamps to our spirit, we can find happiness. When we peer through the eyes of our ego, we find sadness. So which is real, or are they both real? Can we choose which one will be our reality, or do circumstances choose for us?
Current social mythology makes news of sadness, and tempts us to know what’s going on in the world. But for primarily what purpose? Are we better off for knowing? Is it for small talk or to impress others? In this world full of sorrow, do we have a right to refuse politics and solar system warming, and choose a different reality?
Can we choose to be happy?
Let’s take a closer look at what we call reality. First we must turn up the lamps in our eyes, to reveal a map to our soul. On this map there is an arrow and it points to these words: YOU ARE HERE.
In this present uncertainty, it is nice to know where you are. And right here where everything is unknowable, is the exact place happiness lives. This present moment is what’s real, and what is real, is known as reality.
People often ask me a very throw away question, “What is reality anyway?” I reply, “Whatever is real is reality!” and the only place REAL exists, is right here now. Don’t bother looking someplace else for it. Inhale, exhale. But depending upon your realationship with this moment, this could be good news or bad news. Either way, and always, happiness is in the here now.
Imagine being as serious about happiness as you are about lots of other things. Since we already know it is good for our immune system, synonymous with health, I ask you, “What can be more real than that?!”