Does your life have meaning? Maybe you’re feeling meaningless?

What is the true meaning of life? What is the true meaning of meaning?

Good, now that those questions are out of the way..

It’s said that rearranging my circumstances in my life, will not provide me with necessary meaning. Not meaning necessarily, but necessary meaning. Meaning can’t be found in my outer world, hard as I try, I know it’s true. But how do I go about rearranging the circumstances of my inner world?

Perhaps my pineal gland, my 3rd eye, like the pillow on the couch, needs fluffing? How do I know if it does though? Is there a sign like lacking meaning or something? Is that when I should fluff my 3rd eye pillow? I’d like to know. Would somebody please talk about this on the news tonight?

I’ve read Yogis fluffed their 3rd eye pillow, since the beginning of time. They even moved it, from the so-called couch, to the bed. This caused all kinds of cat naps, serious visions, and ideas that dropped from nowhere. Dropping from nowhere, now there’s an interesting concept. And what if nowhere adds up, to having more meaning than, all this somewhere? Now that would be newsworthy.

So if I can actually have more meaning, just by rearranging my inner circumstances, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna fluff my veritable pineal gland, 3rd eye pillow right now. Okay. I’m fluffing it. Cerebral fluids flowing. Already feel something changing. Noticing the Earth orbiting suddenly, the sky’s changing, point of view’s dissolving fast into words prancing, a feeling of newness …. and meaning. Hey- I’m starting to feel good!

Interacting with words interacting with me. Playing, volleying, looking for myself in them. Seeing myself. Finding myself here with you. You know me now. I’m visible to you, and also more visible to me. It feels good being visible. Boldly visible as a tree.

So the meaning of meaning is being visible. Wave my branches, with the other trees, and feel energy. Share life force energy pulsing through. I want to succeed with this thing called life. It wants me to succeed. Me and life are one. Feel life flow through, being alive, be life, for the fun of it.

When I connect with like-minded, eccentrically creative, extraordinary and beautiful life forms like you, that’s fun. It provides me with meaning. So maybe the meaning of life is connection.

Maybe I’ll rent a billboard. It’ll read something like… the meaning of life is, the meaning IS life. The meaning of life is being visible and connecting with life. The billboard idea may take time to build. But got to expect various time lapsing, between ideas and manifesting them. But everything has divine timing, and it’s been divine here, connecting with you.