About Charisse

 Charisse Landise: Clairvoyant Healing Artist to the Stars

Charisse Landise creates breakthroughs in the Clairvoyant Healing world, with third eye catching insights and accessible, articulate translations of otherwise esoteric symbols, visions and concepts. Being a bigger and healthier version of yourself is her motto, and facilitating precisely that is her mission. If it were up to Landise, healing and extrasensory perception would be household words and pursuits. Her finely honed visionary gifts are appreciated and sought out by Hollywood insiders.


Charisse Landise lives, breaths and plays on the cutting edge – always has. So, when the Chicago born entrepreneur and fourth generation Clairvoyant decided to launch her own business in the late 1980s, her goal was to break away from the healing status quo, and utilize an eclectic synthesis of traditions in service to a more conscious world. The result? Today, Landise is Hollywood’s hottest Clairvoyant, utilizing integrated healing techniques to awaken and inspire a client base of TV actors, rock stars, and big screen icons including Pamela Anderson.


Landise’s originality successfully redefines Clairvoyance for a savvy, sophisticated global audience as well. A charismatic presence to whom most everyone is instantly attracted, her reach extends to nearly every sect of humanity from artists and writers, to supermodels and billionaires.  While modern-day comparisons fall short, Landise can best be seen as a Twenty-first century Madame Blavatsky, the mother of Theosophy whose life’s work paved the way for contemporary spirituality as we know it today. Although Landise does not deliberately conjure spirits or conduct seances as Blavatsky did, she does converse with non-physical entities from the other side, whenever they are inspired to tap her on the shoulder with an important message for their loved one.


From eclectic student to Clairvoyant to the stars, and honored as such in the LA Weekly’s Best of issue, Landise has come a long way from her provincial upbringing in Chicago. Born in 1956, she was wounded by a childhood auto-immune illness that gifted her with clairvoyance. The wounded healer moved to New York City when she was 18 and embraced a sense of freedom in the rich culture of the late 1970s, which were awash with unconventional ideas and innovative occult choices. Her immersion in alternative realities exponentially increased her already remarkable intuitive abilities that she gained through her illness. Landise was intuitively guided to leave NYC moments before she met her fate with another serious illness from the side effects of conventional medicine and pop culture lifestyle that lead her to Master Zhengang Guo, an incurable conditions specialist who, ultimately, saved her life. This second round of illness included a near death experience which heightened her ability to tune into evermore subtle energies. She realized – experientially –the interconnectedness of everyone and everything in nature. It was then that Landise began, and has thus maintained, her lifelong love for alternative healing and has maintained an apprenticeship with Master Guo, who taught her the intricacies of Eastern healing traditions.
She later enrolled at the world renowned Ohashi Institute, under the guidance of Master Ohashi, Landise engaged an integrated blend of Japanese and Monastic traditions that suited her well. By the time she graduated from the internationally-acclaimed Ohashi Institute, Landise had cultivated an impeccable demeanor, a deep, multi-dimensional reverence for the unseen and for the healing arts, and a confident proficiency of uber-cool psychic gifts and clairvoyant techniques.