Charisse hears what animals have to say, and is happy to help transmit your animal friends’ messages, feelings, wishes. Animals communicate very clearly using telepathic images, and whenever they exhibit difficult or unusual behavior, this presents a positive opportunity for improving your connection to them.

Animals encourage us to quiet the scattered thinking mind, and to share the present: to partake fully and lovingly in each precious moment of life together. In this way animals help us reconnect to our common nature, to the heart of love. While animals always convey touching and interesting stories, they also help us heal.

Animal Telepathy Testimonials

Charisse reassured me Lulu was feeling just fine after I received a scary diagnosis from the vet. I was bawling with gratitude after she explained Lulu’s purpose in my life and the deeper meaning of our relationship. Charisse’s words that resonated deeply as truth.
– Monika Wesley Film Director/ Screenwriter

Charley barked at every stranger walking by the house plus she wasn’t eating! Charisse advised I eliminate her crate and start massaging and singing to her. Charley stopped barking… and started Eating! Fireworks made Charley panic but I stopped catering to her and just enjoyed my dinner. She gets a little excited now and then but lays right back down. Thank you, thank you so much Charisse!
Jake Demaray Writer/ Producer

I am so happy. You were/are a life saver. So much has changed for the better. My relationship with Bowie has expanded so beautifully. As well as myself, my life.
– Christina Moses Actress/ TV/ Film