It is utterly amazing how resourceful we humans are.

Once we make our minds up to do something, we can generate a force field that is hard to stop. On the other hand, when don’t make our minds up, and get specific about what we want, the surrounding force field from other people, ends up making decisions for us. It happens on a personal level, and on a global scale. It’s like the default mode on the computer.

So the consequence of not making one’s mind up, is that it leaves us energetically vulnerable. We become absorbed into the stronger force fields that are around us. And we no longer feel like ourselves. These might be our our partners or neighbor’s force fields, our family’s, the news, or surrounding communities. The best way to avoid this outside influence, is to know who we are and state what we want. To take charge and direct our life force. Tune into ourselves, and tune out whatever is not us. Fortunately, this also is a sure fire way to start making our dreams manifest.

So whenever our circumstances are less than what we want, we can be rest assured, that somewhere along the way we have stopped making decisions. Or we settled for less than what was ideal, or verbalized it in a way that was unclear. But once we begin to be specific again, and articulate what we really want, miracles soon follow. This happens because the living galaxy is kind and intelligent. It responds to our every vibration. So why should we ever feel lonesome again? Good question. Our success is its success, and all life is infinitely connected. But don’t just believe me, test it for yourself.We are watching life, and it is watching us right back. It is listening to our every whisper. And with the energy generated by our own thoughts, each of us connects with each other. Yes even right now. As we verbalize, clarify, and ask for what we want, stronger force fields build and surround us. And by the same token, when we don’t ask for what we want, but somebody else does, their force field has the opportunity to be stronger than ours. This is how we get can stuck living inside other peoples lives.

So let’s enter into a deeper understanding of how things really work. It is essential to make up our minds. To know what we want and ask for it. We prosper as a direct result of making a decision. This means our lives are no longer up for grabs. Plus, how lucky are we, that an intelligent cosmos is on our side, and listening to our every word? I’ve made up my mind, and decided earth is heaven. And here’s what the universe provided me, Beachwood Canyon…