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Best Energy Center Tune-Up: Charisse Landise
Sometimes superfoods and shiatsu just aren’t enough to balance you. Charisse Landise can tune up your energy centers with one of her mind-blowing chakra readings. OH MY GOD. Not only is Charisse supremely tapped in and clairvoyant up the yin-yang, but she also boasts ultra-refined translation skills, retrieving information about your innermost you from the outermost cosmos. She grounds that information into the here and now, tweajubg what needs to be tweaked to bring you back into alignment, all while soothing your soul and tickling your spirit. The results are palpable, immediate and delightfully mysterious. —Dani Katz


Under the Hollywood Sign
History and Filmmaking in the Heart of Hollywood

Haunted Hollywoodland, Part III: The Ghost with the Top Hat and Cane

 The Hollywoodland Realty Office in 1923. The events described took place in the front courtyard and on the second floor/Courtesy Bruce Torrence Hollywood Historical Collection

Charisse Landise is a Beachwood Canyon resident and clairvoyant healing artist with a keen sense of the supernatural. We first met three years ago when I interviewed her on the significance of the Hollywood Sign for my documentary; since then we’ve talked periodically about Beachwood Canyon’s history and notable past residents. It was Charisse who had the vivid dream about Peg Entwistle described in Part I of my Haunted Hollywoodland series.

After I posted a piece on Busby Berkeley (“First House North of the Gates: Busby Berkeley’s Home in Hollywoodland”), Charisse called me to tell me about an incident that happened last November, when she was working out of the day spa above Hollywoodland Realty in Beachwood Village.

It was late afternoon but already dark when she arrived for a session and saw a male apparition sitting in the courtyard outside the Realty Office. He appeared to be in his late thirties and was dressed in narrow old-fashioned trousers and a top hat. He carried a cane.

Though Charisse didn’t recognize him, she felt he was waiting for her. Unable to get any answers about his identity or motives, she went upstairs to meet her client. Once inside, she felt his presence in the spa.

“He was definitely there as a curious witness,” Charisse says. “He was extremely fascinated with my healing procedure. I had the sense he had never seen anything like it.  He was very unthreatening. I was challenged by the unexpected nature of his steady watchful presence.”  The ghost observed her throughout the session and stayed behind after she locked up.

“I didn’t know that was Busby Berkeley’s house next door until I read your blog, but I’m sure it was him,” she said. Unlike the house, whose entryway is now hidden behind a gate, the Realty Office remains open to the street, as it was in Berkeley’s time. The fact that the ghost appeared to be in his late thirties seems appropriate, as Berkeley was at the height of his success during those years. And a top hat and cane would be obvious props for a choreographer of movie musicals featuring scores of top-hatted, cane-wielding dancers.

“Ultimately I was so grateful to have met him,” says Charisse. “His movie ’42nd Street’ was why I moved to New York City when I was 18.”

Whole-Life-TimesWhole Life Times

Magical Mystery Tour
Give your left-brain the slip, drop centuries of ancestral baggage and follow your four-legged synchronistic spirit guide into the wild and wooly world of urban shamanry.
What’s to differentiate a real deal, true blue shaman from your friendly, neighborhood Reiki master? The primary difference between a shaman and a healer is the shamanic initiation  — an unforeseen and harrowing (usually) physical challenge that takes the shaman-to-be to the brink of death where, faced with his own mortality, he not only gleans lessons from the threshold of his own personal eternity, but is forced to heal himself to come back.
“When you face illness, you confront your mortality, and in that confrontation, you develop a rapport with the other side,” says Charisse Landise, an L.A. based shamanic healer who has endured the physical traumas that distinguish the shaman, including an extended dance with rheumatoid arthritis and a childhood bout of penicillin poisoning that’s rendered her wrists immobile. An illness or injury  is the shaman’s initiation, serving to cleanse the body, which in the process becomes a purified vessel for spiritual transmission. —Dani Katz

mediate and delightfully mysterious. —Dani Katz

izo-cleanse-logoIzo Cleanse Review

Two nights ago on Day 44 of my iZO Cleanze, I had another enlightening chakra healing session with the amazing Charisse Landise. A chakra reading with Charisse is nothing less than other-worldly.   In a typical session, she’ll ease you into a theta state where she peacefully accesses your astral body.  She is incredibly clairvoyant, able to tell you things about yourself that your conscious mind may not even have an idea about.  Charisse is exceptionally good at reading your relationships, and is so in tune with you that she can read the thoughts of the person you’re having a relationship with and help you navigate the fuzzy areas where ego-based assumption and insecure confusion lead to often fatal relationship misunderstandings.
Charisse is one of my favorite people in the world because she is so earnest and compassionate and full of love with the insight that she provides regarding what makes you tick. But she’s also not afraid to tell you what may be holding you back.  The beauty is that she conveys the tough love insight with such constructive spin, even if it’s not the most flattering reality.  Charisse makes it all good, and helps me realize how my mistakes and weaknesses are doorways into growth and wisdom.  She is truly an angel.
The most striking thing for me in this session was her deep grasp of the transformation I am undergoing.   In particular, Charisse zeroed in on how I’ve used my “internal crash” low as a diving board for the highest level of transformation.  I think this is the most powerful lesson to be gleaned from this cleanse for me: that it is only once we’ve been disgraced enough by the damning effects of our ignorance and our dark side dabbling that we cultivate that burning need for the Light.
Of course, you could figure out your mistakes early on and be on the righteous path before permanent damage sets in.  Ah, if only I were enlightened enough to be drawn to the light solely by the carrot of love, rather than driven by the stick of fear.  But one way or another, whether it’s painful or pleasant, somehow, some way, no matter how long it takes, you’re gonna realize at some point that All is One and that you are the Universe. For me, this is the way into understanding the often intangible and abstract truth that ultimately, at the end of the day (after many lifetimes), there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  Using my internal crash as an example, the ‘bad’ was a catalyst for higher consciousness ‘good’.  “Turn the lemon into lemonade,” I like to say, being a ‘juice guy’ and all.  Or perhaps, having evolved into more of a ‘bowel-cleansing guy’ these days, I should say “turn the shit into gold.”
Please keep in mind that because Charisse reads in the theta state she is not thinking during a reading she uses her third eye to translate information as she sees it in your energy field, aura and chakras. 😉  Check Charisse out at Charisse is AWESOME! Timothy Martin Founder,

planethope-5Charisse Landise Clairvoyant at Planet Hope, Kelly and Sharon Stone.

Charisse Landise taught energy healing at Planet Hope, Malibu, for a gathering of abused women. Hearts were warmed on the cool day, as the women realized their true power lies within. Afterwards the question line wrapped around the tree, as a feeling of belonging, empowerment and inter-connectedness was restored.!about/cmv