Charisse has a true healing gift. Her psychic aura scans help me heal physically, deepen my own inner guidance and substantiate my own answers. A cosmic tune-up of sorts, within and without!
– Isis Aquarian, The Source Family

Charisse is a total bad ass psychic and gift to the world. So grateful for her healing hands and heart!
– Sonja Sohn, Actor/Director The Wire, Star Trek: Beyond, Baltimore Rising

I’ve been working with Charisse for ten years and feel a tremendous sense of well-being after each session.
– Pamela Anderson, Actress, Producer, Activist

After Charisse’s sessions I see things in new and different ways. She helps me deepen my own inner sense of knowing.
– Madisyn Taylor, Author, ‘Daily Om’

One of the nicest healing experiences I have ever had was with Charisse.
– Loudon Wainwright III
Grammy(TM) Winning Singer-Songwriter

Charisse’s intuitive healing sessions are good medicine for restoring the mind-body-spirit connection. I feel profoundly positive results from every treatment.
– Patricia Freebery, Psychotherapist MA, LMFT

Charisse is a powerful force in my life. She is a steady beacon of light. My life has never been happier. I feel empowered and awakened in the time I spend working with her.
– Devin Crane, Art Director and Lead Character Designer, Warner Bros. Pictures

After a show, my bandmate asked me, ‘Joe, I’ve never heard you play so well, what’d you do?’ My reply was, ‘Just had a healing with Charisse and I’ve never felt better!’
– Joe Stefko, Publisher, Percussionist

Charisse combines her deeply empathic sensibilities with an extraordinary knowledge of mind, spirit, and body. When I see her it’s like getting a psychic overhaul.
– Vanessa McGrady, Award Winning Journalist

Charisse has a deep connection to the divine. Through her amazing work she plugs me back in to the universe and recharges my soul. Everyone should have this feeling!
– Sadie Turner, Author, ‘Anomolies’

Charisse’s clairvoyant skills and teachings have helped me make important decisions and remain positive. I consider her an angel.”
– Maryam Henein, Investigative Journalist and Documentary Producer

After speaking with Charisse I always feel better. Her wisdom, humor, and loving light welcomes me back into my being. I have called Charisse in times of real loss and despair and she always shows me how to re-connect with the deeper parts of myself.
– Stormy King, Artist/Program Specialist, National Writing Project

I feel grounded with greater awareness after each session with Charisse. Her intuition, soulful humor and love help enlighten my sense of everyday purpose.
– Alexis Brandt, Actor

Charisse is a gifted psychic who has the uncanny ability to tap into and articulate healing energy. Her work is both powerful and uplifting and she helped me deepen my own healing abilities.
– Steffie Nelson, Style and Culture Journalist

Charisse helps me see the other side to this reality.
– Hunter Salomon, Actress, Singer, Dancer